Dying To Your Dream

    Have you ever heard of dying to your dream before? No - I haven't either. A good friend of mine has told me for years, "Dream BIg!'. I believe in dreaming big to this day, but there may be some dreams God will ask us to die to... only for the sole purpose of Him resurrecting it to life. 
     When you're on a journey with God, it is an adventure. A couple of years ago I read the book, "The Dream Giver," by Bruce Wilkerson. That book changed my life. I always believed God gave us dreams. But never looked at it in the perspective that "He is the Dream."  God may call us to do things out of our comfort zone and it will stretch us in ways we can't imagine. There were so many times I said to God, "I can't do this." I'm realizing more and more that "that's the point." 
      I think God wants us to come to the point of giving up so that He can show us that it's not about doing things in our own strength, but in His. I do believe that there are things we can do if we put our mind, heart, and attention toward it. But that's not the point... The point is that only God can open doors and bring life to dreams that we never could do in our own capacity.  Success and greatness are measured very different in the eyes of God. I think one day we will all be amazed when we see what God accounts as success.
    There are dreams that have happened that God has brought to fruition in my life. But then I knew when He asked me to "die to it." So as of late, I've had to take steps of faith. I've had to walk into "the unknown." . But EVERY TIME without fail, God has covered me and taken me to another place - a "new dream." A dream that He may have asked me to die to, or a dream I've already died to. You see ultimately, no matter what we do or where we go... GOD IS THE DREAM.  Jesus died.... and now He lives.