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About The Composer

Michelle Margiotta has a B.M.E in Music Education from Lee University and a MM in Composition and Arranging from Five Towns College. Her compositions cover a variety of genres including jazz, gospel, contemporary songwriting, and contemporary classical music.

"There is something mysterious about how music affects an individual. Music has the power to move our emotions and to stir our thought processes. We have great masterminds from the past to whom we can look for inspiration. However, each of us has a story and an expression, as unique as a fingerprint.  We may try to replicate a writer's musical creativity, but this is not possible because we contribute our individual creativity to each piece we play.

As for myself, I believe music is a gift that God has given us, enabling us to express ourselves throughout life's journey. Our lives have a continuous soundtrack that changes with our experiences. These diverse, beautiful landscapes of music bring us through this journey. Some music is yet to be discovered and waiting to be created, however, it all comes from our Creator.

What I appreciate about music is that it has the ability to build and progress. Whether rhythmically or harmonically, music is always going somewhere. Melodies are important, but I believe that less is more. The purpose of music is how it progresses. You can take something incredibly simple and make it exceptionally complex, and likewise take something exceptionally complex and make it incredibly simple.

In my unending attempts to craft the art of composition, I wrote these pieces to demonstrate the colors of harmony, experimentation in texture, and complexity of syncopation, that is freely offered to us in the 21st century."