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The Language of Music

Fueled by a vision to make the basics of music theory accessible for all students, Dr. Margiotta has drawn on her many years of experience as a student, teacher and musician to explain pedagogy in a way that learners of any level can comprehend. This text was written with collegiate level music fundamentals (prerequisite to Music Theory 1) students in mind, but could also be used with private students or self-study as well. Over the course of eight sections including instructional chapters, worksheets and tests, The Language of Music covers topics related to both classical and commercial formats, to make the student well-rounded in a variety of settings.


Concepts explored include lessons on scales, intervals, chords, rhythm, meter, solfege, number substitution, The Nashville Number System and more. Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee has adopted this text as the curriculum for their Music Fundamentals class beginning with the Fall 2020 semester. Print and ePub versions are available for both the student and the teacher editions, the latter of which includes answer keys to all worksheets and tests.

In the development of The Language of Music, An Introduction to the Basics of Music Theory, Dr. Margiotta has constructed a text that indicates her understanding of the needs of the person who may have a limited knowledge of music as to what they need to learn and how they should go about learning the material-specifically understanding music notation. ...This text covers all the basic knowledge a student needs to begin to understand how to fluently read music and transfer this knowledge to make them a better performer or composer. Dr. Margiotta's approach is comprehensive, yet accessible. I highly recommend it.

Mark Bailey, D.M.E. , Lee University

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As having had mentors myself who have spurred me on to think deeper and reach higher, I desire to be a teacher who does the same for every single one of my students.

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If you are looking to begin your music education for the first time, prepare for college auditions, or need extra help with collegiate level coursework, Dr. Margiotta is able to share her knowledge in a way that is accessible and easily comprehended by all.

“My favorite teaching style is to present the subject matter and then somehow connect the ‘how and why’ it applies to the bigger picture. Perspective is essential and may affect the way a student learns. For example, ‘Learn your scales!’— the grueling process of memorizing correct finger positions and accidentals will have a long term effect on their understanding of chords, harmonic structure, and melodies. When a student sees ‘how and why’ subjects apply, it can motivate them to try harder and endure the process of education.”


She is currently an adjunct professor at David Lipscomb University where she teaches as well as teaching private students. Her music theory textbook, “The Language of Music” is currently being used to facilitate the MUST101 Beginning Music Theory course at Lee University, Cleveland, TN.

She has previously taught courses on “The History of Rock & Roll,” “Understanding Music/Music Appreciation,” “Piano for Music Majors,” all levels of Music Theory as well as music technology courses in the usage Sibelius & Logic Pro X. Tutoring sessions are taught online via video-conferencing software and therefore are available to students regardless of their location or University/College enrollment. Contact for pricing or to schedule your session(s).

Private Lessons

Michelle offers private lessons in all levels of piano, guitar and music theory. Lessons are offered in 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions. Lessons are taught online via video-conferencing software and therefore are available to students regardless of their location. A limited number of in-person lessons may also be available in the Nashville, TN area. Custom lesson blocks can also be created for students who wish to study multiple topics or those preparing for college auditions. Contact for pricing and schedule availability.


Through her over ten years of experience teaching on the collegiate level, Dr. Margiotta understands the topics and challenges encountered by music students. If you require extra assistance in understanding your coursework, tutoring services are available for many courses for music majors and non-majors alike.