The Language of Music has helped students make what is seemingly complicated become easier to understand.

Fueled by a vision to make the basics of music theory accessible for all students, Dr. Margiotta has drawn on her many years of experience as a student, teacher and musician to explain pedagogy in a way that learners of any level can comprehend. This text was written with collegiate level music fundamentals (prerequisite to Music Theory 1) students in mind, but could also be used with private students or self-study as well. Over the course of eight sections including instructional chapters, worksheets and tests, The Language of Music covers topics related to both classical and commercial formats, to make the student well-rounded in a variety of settings.

Concepts explored include lessons on scales, intervals, chords, rhythm, meter, solfege, number substitution, The Nashville Number System and more. Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee has adopted this text as the curriculum for their Music Fundamentals class beginning with the Fall 2020 semester. Print and ePub versions are available for both the student and the teacher editions, the latter of which includes answer keys to all worksheets and tests.



Dr. Michelle Margiotta is a composer/arranger and music educator. In addition to her D.M.A in Composition, she holds degrees in Music Education and Jazz Composition and Arranging.  For the past year, Michelle has been orchestrating and arranging The God of the Other Side & The God of the How and When Oratorios, as well as The Overture and Finale, for Emmy & Tony Award-winning singer/songwriter, producer and TV personality Kathie Lee Gifford.

Michelle is as passionate about educating as she is composing. She has taught at the collegiate level for over 10 years and has recently released a music fundamentals book, “The Language of Music, An Introduction to the Basics of Music Theory.”
Dr. Margiotta currently resides in Nashville, TN.

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Dr. Michelle Margiotta has a D.M.A. in Music Composition and teaches both at the collegiate level and privately.

Margiotta’s teaching style is distinguished by her passion for bringing students to an understanding of the elements of music theory by simplifying content so that learners from all backgrounds are engaged.



Fueled by a vision to make the basics of music theory accessible for all students, Dr. Margiotta has written this textbook to develop a competency for music fundamentals. Collegiate students, private students and self-learners alike will engage with these building blocks of 101 level music theory.



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